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Sunday to Thursday

from 9am to 4pm

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12pm to 1pm

1pm to 4pm

Challenge Island

Week A or Week B



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Week A
It’s AMUSEMENT PARK ISLAND time! In this challenge island your child and a tribeful of friends will design and build your own roller coasters, rockets and many more at our exciting destinations like Roller Coaster Cliff, Zipline Zone, and Rocket Heights!! This journey is full of thrill rides and exciting destinations you don’t want to miss out!
Week B
Our second set of challenges is an Amazonian-themed adventure on RAINFOREST ISLAND. Your child and a tribeful of friends will explore breathtaking destinations like Canopy Camp Grounds, Monkey Swings, and Anaconda Squeeze. On this Challenge Island, they’ll use their 21st century skills to build a rain forest and learn about it’s different animals, layers and it’s food chain.