The Ultimate Island Experience

...where every lesson is an adventure...


...the mainstay of Challenge Island...

Challenge Island sessions take place on a unique thematic island and each island consists of 8 or more action-packed after-school classes – or destinations, as we like to call them. A class might “take place”, for example, at TIME MACHINE ISLAND’s Pinball Wizard Way, RAINFOREST ISLAND’S Anaconda Squeeze or MYTHOLOGY ISLAND’S Poseidon’s Seas.


We also offer quick “island getaways” consisting of fewer destinations in the form of in-school field trips or workshops, parties and other events.



...the HEART of Challenge Island...

Far more than just a group of kids, our Challenge Island tribes function like families, sharing ideas, hopes and mutual goals. They learn to negotiate, compromise and count on one another. They build bonds, friendships, tolerance and acceptance as they pool their combined strengths and resources to create a far richer product than any one of them could ever achieve individually.


From the tribal face paint to the bandanas to the beat of the tribal drum, the spirit of Challenge Island is absolutely unmistakable. A sense of anticipation and adventure fills the air as kids enter new worlds of adventure and imagination. There’s an ever-present buzz of creativity and excitement as tribes of children work together to take on the thematic challenge of the day.